Donate To Tranquility Farm

Your donation towards Tranquility Farm is greatly appreciated! Even if you don’t have a PayPal account, they have options for using your credit cards and debit cards. We use all donations to benefit our horses at Tranquility Farm!

Our Yearly Stallion Auction

Our annual auction benefiting Tranquility Farm, a thoroughbred retirement sanctuary, takes place every year in November. We’ll be posting a PDF of the auction horses as we get closer to the event. Check back often to see any updates!

Fall 2023 Annual Stallion Season Auction

Donate a vehicle to help Tranquility Farm

Your donation of an auto, truck, boat or other unwanted property can help Tranquility Farm rehabilitate and adopt out retired Thoroughbreds.

You will receive the maximum legal tax deduction, and possibly a partial cash payment (we suggest you consult with your attorney or tax professional before claiming any deduction).

On the donation form, look for ‘My Charity Choice’ and fill in the blank area with ‘Tranquility Farm’.

Boat -

Yacht -

Truck -

RV -

For more information about car, boat, RV and other property donations or to receive a "no obligation" evaluation of your potential vehicle or other property donation Click Here: ... or please call toll free: (866) 2-GIVING or (866) 244-8464. We pick up anywhere in the U.S.A."